We love stories…

Incredible, awe inspiring true stories that give you goosebumps and make you feel something for the amazing people who lived them. We try to do these incredible yarns justice by animating them in an amusing and informative way and bringing them to a wide international audience.


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Yarnhub Animation Studios Inc.

Yarnhub is an entertainment company founded by industry veterans and employing young talented animators to produce history-related animated films. Since the inception in 2019 we’ve grown in both experience and wrinkles, moving from 2D cartoons to awesome 3D graphics, comparable to some modern video games. We have a way to go before we overtake Pixar, but that’s the plan. And we love cats… which is why you’ll find at least one in every video.



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Fancy seeing our animation and artwork all over your marketing plan? We can produce, high quality viral animations with original artwork and music that will lift your corporate brand to new heights and internet fame! Contact us below for a quote.


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Yarnhub Animation Studios Inc
901 N Pitt St Ste 170
Alexandria, VA 22314


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We are collaborating with Spring to create Yarnhub-specific merchandise, that you can proudly wear, use, and cherish as much as we love (and use) the money we are getting from it.

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